Filtry przemysłowe do powietrza

Industrial air filters

Industrial air filters – efficient industrial air filtration will be able to be provided only by properly selected, top-quality filtration systems. There is a huge selection of filters on the market for various applications, for example in electronics, automation, petrochemical, chemical or food industries, in the production of plastics and various types of paints. 

Industrial air filters are used to remove solid particles, taste, smell, oil vapors, water and solid particles. The stores’ offer includes the highest quality compressed air filtration, characterized by economical operation, carefully made using the latest production technologies.


Why is the right selection of an industrial filter so important?

Proper quality filters can reduce subsequent operating costs. Properly selecting the gradation and size of industrial air filters is very important. Economic filtration of compressed air is based on reducing pressure drops during filtration. Accuracy depends on the media used for filtration. For the usual particulate process, filters made of acrylic fibers or sintered brass or cellulose work well. They will ensure small pressure drops in the network of selected aerosols. Where filtration of particles of 0.1 μm or less is required, such as oil filtration, beds made of borosilicate microfibers or activated carbon are used. The latter listed are used in applications where odor- and fume-free air is required.

Industrial air filters – types

Threaded filters

These are filters that support pressure up to 16 bar and operating temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius. They have a body made of anodized aluminum resistant to seawater and corrosion. In their case, it is possible to install a differential manometer. The sale includes standard filters, as well as widely used ones, equipped with a housing, a manual valve and a filter cartridge as standard. Various filter cartridges are also available. Compressed air purification systems should be distinguished by greater durability of industrial filters, low operating costs with reduced pressure drop in the filters.


Activated carbon threaded or flanged filters

They are used in the case of a large flow rate in the range of 36.67-523 m3/min. They require the use of compressed air with a humidity of up to 30 percent and are characterized by a long life of high-performance beds. Flange filters, which are made of the highest quality steel in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive PED, work well for cleaning compressed air with a large capacity. Various levels of filtration are available, additionally mounted pressure gauges, as well as accessories for draining condensate. There are also industrial flange-flanged filters coated on the outside and inside, with properly optimized flow.

High pressure filters

Filters of this type are able to work even in the case of high pressure. The shops offer filters for 50 bar, 100-400 bar and 100-500 bar. In the case of compressed air filtration in industrial conditions under high pressure, safety is important – industrial filters available for sale are carefully made using corrosion-resistant raw materials. For pressures below 50 bar, filters with a solid aluminum construction or filters optimized for industry, made of alloys resistant to aggressive condensates, are recommended. Choosing high-pressure filters is associated with many benefits – thermal resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius, electronic control of the drain with a self-monitoring function. This enables trouble-free operation without loss of compressed air.


Sterile filters

They are used where the requirement is air free of not only solid particles, but also aerosols or oils, microorganisms with the ability to reproduce. The store’s offer includes industrial flange filters used, for example, in the production of packaging, in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical, fermentation, dairy, chemical or brewing industries. In places where high purity air is required, intended, for example, for breathing, aerating beer kegs, with a high risk of corrosion – this is where filters of this type are used. These types of filters are made of stainless steel on request. They are capable of continuous operation at temperatures up to a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius.

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